Finding software does not have to be hard!!


Make computing life easier!!


Have you ever bought a new computer and found that out of the box it doesn't have everything you need to function as you required? There’s no office program, no antivirus, the media player doesn't play DVD’s, it just does not have enough function to be functional.


Well heres a Pro tip to save time and effort!


 I use a website called to give new pc’s functionality. This site has done it all for you, you just select the applications you want then click “Get Installer”, run the installer and click accept to the security popups, sit back and allow it to do all the work for you!! And the beauty of this install application is that it goes off to all the sites and downloads and installs the latest versions, and during the installation process it automatically ticks all the right boxes and un-ticks the wrong ones, thus ensuring that you don’t end up with bloatware on your new PC, but wait there’s more! Keep the installation file safe somewhere and you can run it again down the track to check for the latest updates for you applications, it grabs only the ones that need to be updated and leaves the rest.


Even if you have a PC that is working fine, check it out and you may be surprised as to what software is freely available.


So remember: