Have you been Geo-Blocked!!

Have you been Geo-Blocked!!

Well if you live in Australia, then YES!

What is Geo-Blocking you may ask, well it’s Webpage filtering base on your Geographical Location, i.e. you live in Australia but you want to watch the news casts on the BBC or Netflix or SKY, what you’ll find is that you will be informed that the service is not available in your country. Link.

So what can you do about it? Up until not too long ago you could change your proxy settings to point to a server in that country, or a country that is allowed to access that site, but this was generally beyond the average user, it involved changing setting in your browser and keeping a list of proxy servers to connect too, then when finished you would remove all the settings till next time.

Now thanks to the guys at www.hola.org accessing the Geo-Blocked site is a click away.

Hola is a Plugin for your browser that lets you choose which country you want to pretend you’re from, that’s it! Once done you can access the blocked content with ease, when your finished just click again to turn it off or change country.

www.Hola.org has a huge following and are updating scripts constantly to allow access to even more content, the Facebook page for the scripts is here: https://www.facebook.com/HolaUnblockerScripts

If you have any questions send me and email dennis@pcexorcist.com.au